Jun 22, 2013

Saturday, Jun 22nd, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 70 (missing Q,X,Z)

Blocks: 28

PHEW~!  This one was a workout, and my brain is 23D.  Alas, the crossing of two proper names got me, so I must admit to a DNF.  In fact, a lot of names, and quite a bit of baseball for our C.C.  One grid climber today:

8. Breakfast choice : WHOLE WHEAT BAGEL - I prefer an everything with cream cheese

And some of the 10-letter answers; 4 in the across, and 4 in the downs:

23. Record holder for most games played at shortstop for one team : DEREK JETER - This guy, from the NY Yankees; I always thought his name was great for crosswords; all "E"s

32. Double : TWO-BASE HIT

13. Singer covering "Purple Haze," probably : ACID ROCKER - Despite being a left-handed guitar player, I could never get in to Jimi Hendrix; I do however, like ACID jazz, like this; not for the faint-hearted

27. Aces : HOLES IN ONE - Cards?  Tennis? Ah - golf; Mike has tickets to see the LPGA US Open, played here on L.I. next week



1. Miller Park team nickname : BREW CREW - The Milwaukee Brewers of MLB

9. Manifesto fodder : DOGMAS

15. Prickly growth : ROSE BUSH

16. Flying star : AIR ACE - I got the chance to do this when I worked for the architect near MacArthur Airport